“Hope is a good thing; maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies!!” Who says that there cannot be an eye in a hole, you and I will not know what this line exactly means, but we’ve all heard it in various spheres of our lives. Despite the positivity, it brings in, […]

Life is only 10% of what happens to you… and 90% of how you react to it!! –    Charles R. Swindol Juhi Singh Rajput has proved the above saying by fighting all odds in life. She has had a very inspiring journey With an experience of over 16 years, Juhi has worked with many MNCs, […]

Art is the purest form in the world!! The one, and only alive at all times! The immortal!! And I chose to be a part of it. My passion led me to my dream. I was always on to some or the other creative work and my contribution to art was loved and appreciated by […]

Entrepreneurship is a tough journey. More than the journey, it becomes difficult where and how to start. It need lots of confidence and  self motivation to follow your dreams. To boost all freshers and help them start their startup, Alphapreneur Startup Conference and Expo was organized on 7th of October at Hotel Babylon International. It […]

A BBM student becomes a teacher and now a successful entrepreneur. Such is life, very unpredictable, when it will take a turn and you land up in something completely unexpected you never know. One such girl I came across is beautiful and young Reena Chhattani, an enthusiastic girl in her 20’s, making a mark in the […]

When passion turns into profession something extra ordinary is bound to happen. An example for this is Vishal Bhojwani who has chosen an out of league career for himself that of a hair stylist. His knowledge, love and dedication for his work is prominent from the way he is interested in talking about it. Initially going for […]

You won’t believe what this 18-year-old is up to!! He has so much of energy, so many beautiful ideas, and all the positivity to influence the youth of our state. We’re talking about Mr. Mayank Verma, a student himself. Mayank hails from Bilaspur but is staying in Raipur since past 1 year. He is the founder […]

This girl was focused, she knew what she wanted and she never deviated from her path to achieve all the success she has today. Sonali Khemani the girl behind Bow-Bucket. She started learning to make bows when she was very young, studying in 8th standard. She did her schooling from Holy Cross Kapa and her graduation from Disha College, […]

As a country we thrive on Bollywood and look up to the stories on 70mm for drawing inspiration in real lives. Be it romance, action, humor, drama or any other slice of life, many of us fail to realize that the best stories come from the people amongst us: the people we walk past on […]

Every parent aspire a dream child, every sister & brother’s  dream brother, every girl’s dream boy. I would like to introduce the one who perfectly fits in all these roles, the man who delivers and justifies all the tasks, roles and responsibilities which life has put forth. Meet Saurabh Choudhary, a man who fits well […]