In this auspicious day artists from 10 countries participated and enhanced the glory of Chhattisgarh


On the event of National Foundation day which was held on the 1st Nov every year in Chhattisgarh, the National Tribal Dance festival was held by the state government. The event is fined from the 3rd of Nov and continued for the next few days. As a large part of Chhattisgarh was forest maximum number of people living here were tribal. Due to the transforming world, these trials have now relocated to the cities and their cultures are becoming extinct. For the promotion of their cultural celebrations and to promote tourism Chhattisgarh government organized the world tribal dance festival.



In this auspicious event around 1500 tribal artists from 10 countries participated and enhanced the glory of Chhattisgarh. Artists from Mozambique, Mongolia, Tongo, Russia, Indonesia, Maldives, Serbia, New Zealand, and Egypt gave their extraordinary traditional performances to support and spread the beauty of tribal dance.


Many tribal communities who are unrecognized by the world come into the light of their performances. The stalls were also prepared to sell the tribal (Adivasi)  handicrafts and promote their economic growth. Some of the tribes that gave their contributed to the event are Miriam, Baiga, Kamars, Halbas, Gonds  Bhunjiya, Kawars, etc.


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