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Savya Khetan : Rifle Shooter & future Fashion Designer

Savya was born in Raipur. “Never give up, and that will make you achieve milestones.” says our talented birthday girl Savya Khetan.

Born and brought up in Raipur, Savya found her passion in Rifle Shooting when she went to Dehradun’s boarding school for her high school.

When she was in Raipur, she wasn’t into sports, and never knew that she’ll ever go for rifle shooting yet alone make it to the internationals. When she tried it for the first time, the experience went well, and when she gradually gave time to her skill, she kept climbing the steps from state to nationals and now to internationals.

Savya has won 6-7 gold medals in various competitions. She represented India twice in Germany in an open championship.

Savya was interested in fashion designing since she got to know about the field and always wanted to pursue it. She is currently in her first year of FD from Mumbai. Along with her shooting career, she wants to make her name in fashion designing as well, wants to achieve something in it as well.

She considers that her boarding school changed her personality a lot and groomed her the way she is now, a career-oriented person. Her father kept motivating her to never stop and never give up on her goals.

She follows Apurvi Chandela, an Olympic shooter, and she dreams to represent India in the Olympics someday.

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