Bollywood star in Raipur on the occasion of Cheti Chandra

Sangeeta Bijlani graced the Sindhi community’s program in Raipur on 23rd March

Bollywood actress Sangeeta Bijlani graced the Sindhi community’s program in Raipur on 23rd March, and it was a night to remember. The event was held at Jaistambh Chowk and was nothing short of spectacular, with Sangeeta being the guest of honour. The Sindhi Welfare Committee President, Anand Kukreja, and Lalit Jaisingh were thrilled to have Sangeeta at the celebration and had made all the necessary arrangements.

The program was a feast for the senses, with a special performance by the renowned singer Kamlesh Kapoor and the talented Mumbai Beats Band. The stage was decorated with stunning lights, and the Sindhi Academy President, Ram Gidlani, Councilor Ajit Kukreja, and Amar Gidwani made sure that everything was perfect for the occasion.

Sangeeta Bijlani has had a remarkable career in Bollywood, with some of her most famous movies being ‘Tridev’ (1989), ‘Vishnu Deva’ (1991), and ‘Yugandhar’ (1993). She was born on 9th July 1960 in Mumbai, Maharashtra and was once married to former cricketer Mohammad Azharuddin from 1996 to 2010. Before her marriage with Azharuddin, Sangeeta’s engagement to Bollywood superstar Salman Khan was called off.

Despite the end of their engagement, Sangeeta and Salman’s friendship remained strong. In a recent interview, Sangeeta spoke about how one should never hold onto anger and bitterness in life, and that people come and go, but love with partners and friends never ends. She believes that one matures over time and that life is full of experiences.

The presence of the graceful and talented Sangeeta Bijlani was an inspiration to the Sindhi community, and her elegance and poise left a lasting impression on the audience. It was a night of celebration, music, and dance, and Sangeeta’s participation made it all the more special.

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