Data and AI Talks’ Aims to Inspire and Equip Students for the Future

Nurturing Young Innovators of Raipur

The vibrant city of Raipur is gearing up to host an exhilarating competition titled “Data and AI
Talks” for kids of grade 5 to 10. This exciting event is being organized by {}, a
US-based EdTech Company, in partnership with N.H Goel World School, a reputed educational
institution in Raipur.

As we step into a world where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a distant dream but a
present-day reality, it has become increasingly important to familiarize children with this
groundbreaking technology. The myth that AI is not suitable for children needs to be dispelled,
and that is precisely what Data and AI Talks aims to achieve. Children have an innate sense of
curiosity and eagerness to explore new technologies, making them well-suited to learn and
interact with AI systems. By providing children with resources and opportunities to learn about
AI, we can equip them with essential skills to navigate the increasingly complex technological
landscape and prepare them for the future job market.

The platform Data and AI Talks will be the voice of the innovative ideas of young students from
15 schools, presenting their AI product and service concepts. With an estimated total of 2000
students participating, Data and AI Talks will provide a platform for these young minds to share
their creative ideas and unique perspectives on AI.

To further promote the importance of AI and its future potential, team {} will be
conducting orientations for around 20000+ students. Through these orientations, students will
gain a better understanding of the potential of AI and how it can shape the future.
The competition has received an overwhelming response, with prestigious schools such as N.H
Goel World School, The Aarambh School, MM School, and Krishna Public School participating.
{} strongly believes that the companies of the future will require more creative thinkers
who have an edge in mathematics, data, machine learning, and AI systems. With Data and AI
Talks, they aim to inspire students to think bigger and potentially trigger some innovative ideas.
The competition promises to be an exciting opportunity for young minds to harness their
creativity and knowledge of AI and make their mark in the world of tomorrow. The government or
companies may even select the best ideas for implementation, giving participants the
opportunity to see their creations come to life.

The competition unfolds in two rounds, with 90 winners being selected in the first round. The
final round will be a highly competitive event, with the best of the best competing for the top
The “Data and AI Talks” event timeline is as follows:
● March 31: Deadline for schools to register in the competition
● April 1 to April 30: Orientation sessions for participating students
● May 15: Deadline for students to register
● June 30: Deadline for submission of papers
● July 1 to July 25: Presentations to be held at participating schools – The top performers
from each group will receive exciting prizes as a recognition of their skills and creativity.
● July 31: Final day of the Data & AI Talks event – The winners of the first round will then
advance to the second and final round hosted by N.H Goel World School.

There will be 3 winners of the final round and will be awarded with a coveted trophy, certificate,
and a cutting-edge Tablet, while the 3 runner-up from each group will be presented with a
medal, certificate, and a high-tech smartwatch.

On the final competition day, industry experts, innovators, and thought leaders will be joining to
enlighten students about the latest advancements and revolutionary possibilities of Artificial
Intelligence. This will be a great opportunity for students to gain insights and inspiration from
experts in the field.

Participating in Data and AI Talks and competitions can provide numerous benefits for school
management and students, including skill-building, innovation, collaboration, engagement,
reputation-building, and networking opportunities.

{} is thrilled to host this competition and we look forward to seeing the amazing ideas of
our young students. We strongly encourage all students to participate in this event and make
the most of this opportunity. This is a chance for students to explore the exciting world of AI and
develop innovative products and services that can solve real-world problems.

We also extend our invitation to businesses, companies, and individuals who share our vision of
empowering young students to collaborate with us. Together, we can create a supportive
ecosystem that fosters innovation and creativity and helps to develop the skills needed for the

Let’s come together and celebrate the future of AI with our young innovators!
For more information and registration details, please visit
+91 9993115000

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