On this day18 Chhattisgarhi speaking regions were united in to 1


Chhattisgarh region was an indivisible part of Madhya Pradesh till 1st Nov 2000. After that, for the development of the backward regions of the state, the government decided to separate the 18 Chhattisgarhi-speaking regions and establish them into a new state. Since then Foundation is celebrated every year on the same day by the whole state to celebrate their recognition.

Now Chhattisgarh is known as the rice bowl of India as well as it is the only tin-producing state in India. Including this Chhattisgarh contributes to one of the major parts of electricity production for the whole nation.


Just like every year foundation day is celebrated in Raipur(the capital city of Chhattisgarh) on 1st Nov. On the foundation day, an event of National tribal dance celebration was also held. Around 20 lakh rupees were distributed by Chief Minister Bhupesh Bagel in form of a winning prize to winning participants. This was the 23rd foundation day of the state which was celebrated with the fullest joy.


For the people interested in fun and adventure a small fun park was also arranged on the foundation day. The government also prepared several handmade models to explain their schemes to visitors for the development of the state. The models also explained how the government is trying to promote small and large businesses to generate employment and make capital flow among the citizens.


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