An outstanding event called “ART PITARA (Art at Ghat)” was held in Raipur for the FIRST TIME on Sunday, April 16th, 2023 at MAHADEV GHAT to make Raipurian Sundays more fascinating and creative after the rigorous weekday activities.

Weekdays are our enemies; Sunday is our best friend. We long for Sundays after exhausting ourselves with the work and responsibilities burdened by life. But on Sunday, if asked how to spend it, we face a dilemma. We have all the free time in the world, yet we don’t know how to use it. To beat these Sunday blues, focus on what will make you happy. You can either enjoy this solitude or do productive things. Sundays are a time for relaxation and to seek your creative side. So make the most out of it.

An outstanding event called “ART PITARA (Art at Ghat)” was held in Raipur for the FIRST TIME on Sunday, April 16th, 2023 at MAHADEV GHAT to make Raipurian Sundays more fascinating and creative after the rigorous weekday activities.

Aniruddha Awadhiya and Sunidhi Jain, both artists who grasp the genuine meaning of art, coordinated the event. The event had continuous live music flute played which added to the soothing surroundings. Live paintings were made by artists followed by a desi breakfast.

A Change of Scenery Can Relieve Stress

It is very easy to let your doubts and concerns get the best of you if you stay within the confines of your studio. It has the potential to be suffocating. Molehills become mountains, and everything appears to be too much. We’ve all heard how the narrative can end. You may be tempted to push through the tension, but a change of location (especially a beautiful, peaceful one) can be a speedier way to a more positive mindset. Allow yourself time to breathe in fresh air.

Benefits of Art Therapy
• It helps to calm the mind
• Eases stress
• It can be used as a form of therapy for a variety of mental health issues
• Reduces anxiety
• Encourages self-expression
• Boosts creativity
• Promotes relaxation

A quick trip to the outdoors has the power to take on burnout and creative block and bring inspiration and productivity. You never know the inspiration, peace, and perspective you might find.

Let’s take an overview of MAHADEV GHAT

For Raipur residents, Mahadev Ghat holds religious importance. The first suspension bridge in Chhattisgarh LaxmanJulais here. It is a collection of shrines devoted to various gods and goddesses dating back to virtually the beginning of Raipur’s history. The temples are built on the banks of the Kharun River.

About the Walk

Rivers have played an essential role in India, primarily because civilizations and cultures thrive on river banks. The Kharun River, which flows through Raipur, is one such river. The Kalchuri King Bramhadewray settled in Raipur in the 14th century. He erected a magnificent temple dedicated to Lord Shiva here, and the ghat is known as Mahadev Ghat. This location is associated with many significant events in history. This ghat attracts people for worship, serenity, yoga, and meditation. The shrine is also known as “Mahadev Ghat” because. It is one of the most revered sanctuaries in Chhattisgarh.

History of Hatkeshwar Temple, Raipur

In the 13th century, Brahmadeo Rai of the Kalachuri Dynasty ruled over this region. He was King Ramachandra’s son. HajirajNaik erected this Shiva temple on the bank of the Kharun during his rule. The locals say that the Shiva Linga inside the shrine emerged spontaneously from the dirt. The Shiva Linga is thought to be extremely powerful. The Nagar Brahmins’ ancestral deity is MahadevHatkeshwar. They used to dwell in Vadnagar in the past.

The Architecture of Hatkeshwar Temple, Raipur

The temple’s architecture is really beautiful. The temple’s exterior features unique designs. The outer walls of the temples feature stories from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Aside from that, there are various images. On the temple wall, there are sculptures of various animals, dancers, and musicians. The temple complex is enormous. The inner sanctuary contains a Shiva Linga. From the top of the sanctum, a large Shikhar flies high into the sky. A massive wall surrounds the temple, which is topped by three circular domes. There are flat sections between the domes.

Spending time in nature is the first step towards making nature-inspired art. So turn off your screens. Unplug your devices. Step outside. Pay attention to your surroundings. Feel the breeze on your cheek. Observe the veins of a leaf, sit against the trunk of a tree, and watch a river flow. This event turned out to be a booster and gave relaxation to the artists. The Sunday turned out to be the best for Raipurians.

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