Chhattisgarh’s Padma Shri Honorees Celebrated

Remarkable Contributions Recognized and Commended

Chhattisgarh culture

Chhattisgarh, known for its rich culture and heritage, is beaming with pride as three
individuals from the state have been bestowed with the prestigious Padma Shri honor.
Jageshwar Yadav, hailing from Jashpur, Ram Lal Bareth from Raigarh, and Hemchand
Manjhi from Narayanpur, have been recognized for their exemplary contributions to

Jageshwar Yadav’s unwavering dedication towards the welfare of indigenous people in
Jashpur has earned him widespread admiration and respect. His selfless efforts have
positively impacted the lives of countless individuals, making him a deserving recipient
of the Padma Shri accolade.

Chhattisgarh's Padma Shri Honorees
Similarly, Hemchand Manjhi’s remarkable work as a Vaidyraj, catering to the healthcare
needs of the community in Narayanpur, has garnered him immense recognition. His
expertise in traditional medicine and holistic healing has been instrumental in improving
the well-being of many, making him a deserving recipient of the prestigious honor.

Ram Lal Bareth

Another illustrious personality from Raigarh, has made significant
contributions to his field, earning him the admiration of his peers and the wider
community. His achievements serve as an inspiration to many aspiring individuals,
highlighting the power of dedication and hard work in achieving one’s goals.

Chief Minister Vishnu Dev

Saion behalf of the government, has extended heartfelt
congratulations to the recipients for their outstanding achievements. Their contributions
not only bring honor to Chhattisgarh but also serve as a testament to the state’s rich
talent pool and spirit of service to humanity.

As the proud recipients of the Padma Shri honor,

Jageshwar Yadav, Ram Lal Bareth, and Hemchand Manjhi embody the values of compassion, dedication, and excellence. Their remarkable accomplishments will continue to inspire generations to come, leaving an indelible mark on the fabric of society and reaffirming Chhattisgarh’s standing as a land of achievers and visionaries.

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