Phoolchand Agrawal Smriti Mahavidyalaya celebrated their 25th anniversary of establishment of learning, gratitude, and achievements.

Phoolchand Agrawal Smriti Mahavidyalaya recently celebrated its 25th anniversary of the establishment of learning, gratitude, hard work, achievements, and lots of smiles. It was a remarkable step for the college to invite the musical band Kabir Cafe which presents Kabir Sahab’s couplets in musical form. All six people in his team are from different places in the country and together with this band, are giving a new dimension to the society of Kabir Sahab’s Dohe.
In this program Mind Reader, Shri Abhishek Achary his lecturer explained that it is possible to read someone’s mind by using some tricks and guessing with gestures, and to a great extent, the thoughts of the mind can be understood.

International Motivator Speaker Mr. Ujjwal Patni also inspired the young generation
through many stories and events from his personal life. He said that if you recognize the
immense possibilities inside you, you will never fail in life. While organizing the event,
superb Motivational speaker Vibhuti Duggar mesmerized the youth with her beautiful
poems and stories and inspired the students to play their role in student life.
On this occasion, Dr. Navnath Gaikwad, International Level Hypnotist from Pune also
demonstrated his art. He said in his proclamation that I can hypnotize every clever person.
He performed this art live on stage and while addressing the students, he said that he can
achieve his destination by using his concentrated mind in a positive area.
This event was a huge success in bridging the gap between urban and rural youth.

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