Vaidyaraj Hemchand Manjhi To Be Honored With Padma Shri

Vaidyaraj Hemchand Manjhi: A Journey of Traditional Healing and Prestigious Recognition

Vaidyaraj Hemchand Manjhi

In a momentous recognition of his profound contributions to traditional medicine, Vaidyaraj Hemchand Manjhi, residing in the remote forest area of Chhotedongar, will be honored with the prestigious Padma Shri award. This esteemed accolade, bestowed upon him by the Indian government, symbolizes the profound impact of his tireless efforts in the field of healthcare. As Vaidyaraj Manjhi welcomed the Prime Minister at the helipad in Chhote Aamabal of Bastar Lok Sabha constituency on April 8, the sacred land of Maa Danteshwari bore witness to this historic convergence of tradition and modernity.

Vaidyaraj Hemchand Manjhi

Vaidyaraj Hemchand Manjhi’s journey from the tranquil forests of Chhotedongar to the national spotlight is a testament to his unwavering dedication and remarkable expertise. His practice, rooted in the ancient wisdom of traditional healing, harnesses the therapeutic potential of forest medicines found abundantly in the region. Through meticulous collection and blending of indigenous herbs,  Vaidyaraj Manjhi formulates remedies that offer relief and hope to countless individuals seeking alternative avenues to wellness.

The announcement of Vaidyaraj Manjhi’s Padma Shri award resonated deeply within the bastions of traditional medicine, affirming the enduring value of age-old healing practices. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s personal endorsement of Vaidyaraj Manjhi’s achievements further underscored the significance of his contributions. 

Vaidyaraj Hemchand Manjhi

In extending a warm and gracious welcome to Prime Minister Modi, 
Vaidyaraj Manjhi not only honored the nation’s esteemed leader but also showcased the rich cultural heritage and hospitality of Chhotedongar. Against the backdrop of the lush forest landscape, Vaidyaraj Manjhi’s gesture epitomized the spirit of unity and reverence, transcending geographical boundaries and echoing the ethos of Indian tradition.

As Vaidyaraj Hemchand Manjhi stood alongside Prime Minister Modi, the Padma Shri adorning his name, he embodied the resilience and perseverance of traditional healers across the nation. His recognition not only celebrates individual excellence but also highlights the importance of preserving and promoting indigenous healthcare practices in India.

With the Padma Shri award serving as a beacon of hope and inspiration,  Vaidyaraj Manjhi’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of recognition. As he continues his noble work in the realms of traditional medicine, Vaidyaraj Manjhi stands as a symbol of India’s rich heritage and unwavering commitment to holistic wellness.


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