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Meet Ankita Athwani : Born and brought up in Raipur

“Smile and pass it on” is the goal of Ankita, who is motivating us to be fit, Ankita Athwani.. She began her fitness journey 4 years back.

“Smile and pass it on” is the goal of our birthday girl who is motivating us to be fit, Ankita Athwani.

Born and brought up in Raipur, she began her fitness journey four years back. After continuing that, she thought of helping people get fit. She says that the hard part of getting fit is the diet and eating the right food.


To begin with, she started her Instagram page called ‘Healthy in my Tummy’, two months ago, where she posts healthy food recipes which is tasty too.

She also motivates people to work out and stay fit. She feels immensely proud when her followers send her their pictures of the transformation that took place by following her diet plans and exercises.

Currently, she is doing the course for becoming a Dietician so that she can advise people with better diet plans.

Ankita is a graduate of B.Com., and also has a diploma in web designing. She received two awards, one for her beauty and another for her fitness in the same month.


Ankita wants to proceed with helping people in getting fit. She seldom has free time as she is always busy. Busy with her fitness routine, handling her Instagram page, and helping her father.

Ankita is a creative person and likes creating new things, which is the result of her delicious yet healthy recipes.

Happy Birthday Ankita Ma’am.✨

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