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Meet Swapnil kasera : State-level Badminton and Kabaddi player

“Follow your passion during these times, or at least prepare for that. By doing this you’ll take lead from those who are making no use of all the free time they are getting”,Swapnil Kasera.

Swapnil was born in the Pink City, Jaipur, and did his education till 10th in Ramgarh, a town near Jaiselmer. After that, he shifted to Raipur and is pursuing further education.


He is a Defence aspirant and would have been in the academy in 2018. Due to his leg injury, his journey to get into the Defence got postponed to this year.

He is preparing for the CDS exam, and he hopes he will be in the force from 2023.

He was a state-level Badminton and Kabaddi player from the state Rajasthan and still participates in sports events in his university.

Singing is his passion and practices singing daily. He also went to the Indian Idol Academy for singing training in 2018.

He also has a YouTube channel and also posts his singing videos on his Instagram page. The happiest moment of his life was when he met his idol Shaan.

He says that he has learned a lot from him and always looks forward to getting mentored by him someday.

Swapnil also organizes various events. He is the Realme Event Organiser of Chhattisgarh, and all the events by Realme held in CG, are done under his supervision.

For Realme, he also turned into a photographer and is the admin of the page @shot_hai_bhai where he clicks incredible pictures using the phone.


His inspiration is his father, who is also in Defence.

His father always motivated him to be athletic and pursue his passion and work hard. He says that his sole goal is to get into the Defence, but he’ll never leave singing.

We hope that Swapnil soon serves the country by getting into the Defence as well by his voice, and we wish him a wonderful birthday!

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