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Meet Maheroo Butt : lawyer for years, the profession no longer made her happy. She then switched to writing full-time.

“My life hasn’t been stable, and I like it that way. For everyone, who thinks they aren’t doing enough or is confused. You are doing just fine. – Maheroo

The moment you accept the imperfect person you are, everything’s going to fall into place. Don’t over decide that place tho.” our birthday girl has inspired us a lot by saying these words.- Maheroo Butt.

Maheroo Butt

Maheroo Butt, after being a lawyer for years, the profession no longer made her happy. She then switched to writing full-time.

Maheroo does not connect to the whole concept of 9 to 5. She is a serial chiller on some days, and she is working 12 hours on others.
She says that she hasn’t always been all smiles, though, but the journey has been a roller coaster on the reverse. But she couldn’t have asked for more.


She is more than thankful for all those days where she wanted to give up, but she didn’t.

Maheroo thinks she still has a lot to achieve, but the one thing she is super proud of is the fact that her peace of mind is her utmost priority.

She takes clients only if she connects to that kind of work.

She has let go of so many opportunities with a single statement, “the vibe did not match”, and she doesn’t regret any of them.

She believes in the concept of slow living and wild actions. She like knowing a lot of people but staying connected with them very few.

There are a few things about her that she has noticed in the past few years.

-She has to read a book every single day.
– She has to be left alone for quite some time to be sane.
– She has to take a vacation every month.

Maheroo might not be the most appropriate person to look up to when it comes to journeys because she avoids the concept of a 5-year goal or any goal in life.

She doesn’t want to see herself achieve a particular position, a specific bank balance in life.

But she sees herself being around by amazing vibes, a new place and cuisine, a new friend, and a new song.


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