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Poorva Shivhare : Born and brought up in Panna in Madhya Pradesh

You don’t have to become a doctor or an engineer. You can excel even in arts or anything which describes your passion.” Poorva Shivhare.

Poorva shifted to Raipur a year ago for her degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. Panna is famous for its wildlife sanctuary, and she is living close to nature because it since childhood.

Last month she thought of utilizing her love for watching movies by giving honest reviews, through her Youtube channel.

Poorrva has always been interested in languages and writing things.

She started her liking for writing through quotes and then took it to another level with poetry.

She is a romantic poet. She also tried her hands in story writing but thought of keeping it to rest for some time.

At the beginning of 2020, she started a startup with her friends for the LGBT. Through that,

Poorva created awareness about the community, about their rights, and give them respect.

She left the startup into the hands of the co-creators and decided to focus on her interest in filmmaking.

She wants to create awareness and impart knowledge about various issues through her movies.

Other than writing and filmmaking, she loves dancing and keeping herself healthy.

In the future, she may start writing stories again whenever she gets perfect inspiration.

She says that you can do whatever you want in your life. When your parents are supportive, you have the motivation no one else can provide.

To our birthday girl with vision and ambitions, Team Gr8Pandy wishes her a happy birthday.

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