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Meet Runit Gupta : a jewelry and fashion designer from Raipur

“You cannot plan fashion. It happens with the flow. It happens day by day because you never know what your next thought could be.” Runit

Runit was born in Raipur, completed his schooling in Raipur, and then went to Pune to pursue Architecture.

He thought to use his creative skills by being an architect, but soon he realized that he wants something else.

After dropping out from architecture, he came back to Raipur and helped his mother in her small imitation jewelry business.

He used to go to exhibitions with her. Watching these exhibitions made him pursue jewelry designing for which he went to the Indian Institute of Gems and Jewellery, Mumbai.

Have been studied architecture for a year, he bought the basics of it into his designs. He loves playing with colors (which is his forte), shapes, and stripes.

Runit then started his handcrafted jewelry collection and showcased them at Kalagora Art Festival.

He calls it his life-turning moment, as the response that he got from people from all over the country made him inspire to put more effort into jewelry and fashion designing.

For more exposure and scope, he shifted to Ahmedabad, the Manchester of India.

In Ahmedabad, Runit learned a lot about the arts and crafts, and all bout the ethical, sustainable, and traditional fashion of India, in a modern way.

He went to work for various NGOs and designers. He also was a visiting faculty and taught design to his students.

Runit went for Guwahati Fashion Week to showcase the jewelry and clothes made out of silk fabric.

When he moved to Raipur, he worked on his family business, on the weekdays, and his passion, on weekends, simultaneously. Gradually, he started getting orders from across the world.

His goal is to create things that he loves, which makes him satisfied with his work, not for the sake of people buying it.

He wants each of his outfits to have the same energy and not make anything out of pressure.

Runit makes clothes that can be fit for everyone and be fashionable too, whether it is classic or experimental.

Happy Birthday, Runit Sir!

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