An advocate by profession: Mr. Charanjeet Singh

Apart from being an advocate, Mr. Singh is a big supporter of child education. He provides study material to the kids who can’t afford it.

Meet Adv. Charanjeet Singh, a professional advocate at Raipur District Court.

Mr. Singh completed his schooling at Holy Cross Kapa and done his graduation with B.Ed and M.Ed from Ravishankar University, LLB from Sau. Kusum Tai Dabke Law College, and CIG from IGNOU and this does not stop here as Mr. Singh has also done post-graduation in Journalism.⠀
While also, currently pursuing M.A in Psychology.

Looking at so many degrees that he holds, it’s very clear that Mr. Singh is a great education enthusiast and has an aspiration to keep learning new things and as many things as possible.⠀
Not just theoretical knowledge but Mr. Singh also has great practical exposure.

After completing 12th std. he joined Gupta steel corp. as Jr., Account Trainee for 6 months, has also worked at Reliance Customer Care for 3 months and as Logistics Manager in EDMS project of Delhi Pancity covering entire Raipur region, for 6 months.

Mr. Singh started taking home classes in 2007 and has continued teaching to date and it has been 12 years since then.
He teaches students in various classes and takes college students as well, providing them with one on one classes.
Mr. Singh is a big supporter of every child should be educated and that’s why he provides reading material to the kids who can’t afford it, as well.

Here is an article on women’s rights by him.

Mr. Singh goes by a quote which keeps him motivated all the time:
*स्वीकार करने की हिम्मत*
*सुधार करने की नीयत हो*
*इंसान बहुत कुछ सीख सकता है।*
*हमको कितने लोग पहचानते है ?*
*उसका महत्व नहीं है,
*लेकिन क्यों पहचानते है..?*
*इसका महत्व है. . .*

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