Dr Manish Agrawal: transforming the people’s perception about dental clinics and oral health

Dr Manish Agrawal, a dentist and a man of change, is determined to break this mindset


Fear and procrastination are common reasons why people avoid going to the dentist. But Dr Manish Agrawal, a dentist and a man of change, is determined to break this mindset. He completed his post-graduation from Jaipur and set up a dental clinic that aims to provide complete confidence and relaxation to his patients. His goal is to spread dental awareness among people and to promote overall health. Let’s learn more about his approach.

Dr Manish believes that oral health is not just about having healthy teeth but it also affects overall health. Oral problems like mouth cancer and pyorrhoea are not to be taken lightly. Dr Manish has observed that unhealthy eating habits are the root cause of oral problems. He urges teenagers to avoid harmful substances like tobacco, betel nuts, sticky candies, chocolate, etc., and to maintain healthy eating habits.

Dr Manish advises brushing teeth at least twice a day for two minutes. In addition, cleaning the area between two teeth and flossing is necessary to remove food particles and prevent tooth decay. Regular check-ups every 6 months are also important to detect any problems at an early stage, making them easier to cure.


Dr Manish stresses the importance of avoiding bad habits like smoking and drinking. He believes that these habits are not occasional but pre-habitual and can cause serious harm to overall health. It is crucial to avoid them altogether.

Dr Manish Agrawal is a dentist who goes beyond just caring about his patient’s dental health. He cares about their overall health and promotes dental awareness to spread the message that oral health is crucial for overall well-being. By following his tips, we can maintain good oral health, prevent diseases, and promote a healthy lifestyle. Say goodbye to fear and procrastination, and embrace a healthy smile with Dr Manish Agrawal’s dental clinic.


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