Entrepreneur Dinesh Chandwani- a man of wisdom and grace!

Mr. Dinesh is a multidimensional person- author, a motivational speaker, a professional skydiver and a restaurant operations professional.

This post celebrates the birthday of Mr. Dinesh Chandwani- an entrepreneur and a man of utter wisdom and grace!

Mr. Dinesh Chandwani @dinesh_chandwani , currently working & living in Bhilai, a great author, a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, a professional skydiver and a restaurant operations professional.

Mr. Dinesh is a multidimensional person who has been inspiring many youngsters in Chhattisgarh and across the country.
He completed his graduation from Nagpur and post graduation from Australia.

Mr. Dinesh is a world record holder and was awarded Genius Indian Author of the Year 2018. He won it for his maiden novel “EMEG: A face-off with fear” 2018.
Mr. Dinesh has been a great motivational speaker and been presented as a keynote speaker and has also given four TedXTalks.

He also had a e-learning edutech space by the name “Walnut School of Ideas”. Facebook’s sister company recently accquired it.

Mr. Dinesh also chose to stand out by the way of publishing a book on adventure fiction. He is also planning to write another one in coming future. As mentioned earlier about Mr. Dinesh being an restaurant operations professional, he is also planning to expand as an entrepreneur and open his own restaurant in the near future.

Mr. Dinesh goes by the saying “Explore all you want, it’s your life and you are it’s master”. We wish you a very Happy Birthday!

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