JESALISM: Founder Jesal Shah Jaggi

At Jesalism, there is something for everyone right from western outfits to gowns to classic couture and bridal wear.

Meet Jesal Shah Jaggi, founder of Jesalism: A designing way to Realize her Dream

Born and brought up in Raipur city, owner of Jesalism, Jesal Shah Jaggi, a renowned fashion designer. She is obsessed with designing and is very particular with the detailing in her work. Jesal gained hacks of business management and a strong work ethic from her father, the Late Mr. Gunwant Shah. He was owner of ROHIT JEWELLERS. She owes her success to her parents and believes to have learned everything from both.

Jesal completed her graduation from Ness Wadia College of Commerce, Pune (2012) followed by an MBA in Finance from IBS College, Mumbai (2014). After completing her course, she worked with her mother in her boutique and that’s where she explored her passion for fashion. Jesal’s first capsule collection went for Dubai Fashion Week and got published online in VOGUE INDIA. She worked as a backstage personal assistant for Celebrity Designer Rocky Star and has attended workshops under Accessory Designer, Felix Bendish.


Jesal has also attended workshops on batik print and dying in Bali and specializes in it. The concept of JESALISM is to give people their personalized wardrobes. At Jesalism, there is something for everyone right from western outfits to gowns to classic couture and bridal wear. Jesal is also a visiting faculty at SIDI, Raipur, and gives guest lectures to the students there helping them to understand fashion deeply. Jesal believes, “Fashion is something which speaks for one’s personality. I want society to understand this and appreciate the rigorous work that goes into each outfit. So as we say, society starts with the toddlers, I started imparting my knowledge with them to make Raipur one of the best fashion capitals in the country.”

JESALISM holds giant plans for the future. They are coming up with its website soon. They create their presence by participating in major events like “The Local” here. But first Jesal wants to educate society about Fashion Designers. She believes Fashion design is at par with degrees like engineering. She longs on spreading this mindset and helping Raipur grow in this field and in that way fulfill her dreams.
Happy birthday, mam!

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