Lavanya Shri Pudipeddi : A Bassist Born and Brought up in Raipur

“For the sake of temporary comfort, never make a decision.” Says our birthday girl Lavanya, who is the only Female Bassist in Chhattisgarh!

Born and Brought up in Raipur, Lavanya Pudipeddi did her schooling from Kendra Vidhyalaya and did Polytechnic after that.

She used to play the guitar as a hobby, and just to try, she joined Kamla Devi in 2017. Being an average student her whole life, she got 90% in classical music.

After getting influenced by people, she joined an engineering college. Her parents being very supportive understood her passion and let her drop out of engineering after a few months to pursue music.


She is topping her class every year, and since she likes to explore every form of music, being a bassist, she also started learning violin.

She is also part of a band and a guitar tutor. Her parents support her whether she comes home at 8 or 2, and she feels obliged for that.


When she made her profile public, musicians and artists started to interact with her. They gave her tips and suggestions that helped her a lot.

Lavanya knows what’s her happy place is when she plays the guitar. Loves jamming with her friends and traveling too.

She wants to perform at higher levels, even internationally. She has a very high temper, and to not create a scene, she never gets into an argument.

Lavanya says that no day in her school went without her getting into trouble. She is also a believer of intuitions and does everything according to that.


Lavanya says that when making a career choice, think that will you be able to spend your whole life with it?

Being an engineer would have made her regret it. She is happy learning and practicing music.

Her complete life would be different if her parents would not support her. Lavanya says that every parent should do it to their children in making career decisions.


Team Gr8Pandy wishes Lavanya a wonderful birthday and lots of success.

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