Meet Harsh Jasani – A Man Who Is Known For His Passion

Despite having an engineering background, Harsh realized early on that his true passion lay in hosting events.

Meet Harsh Jasani – a man who is known for his passion for anchoring and his dedication to bringing joy to his audience. Harsh is a well-known anchor in Raipur, and his success story is nothing short of inspiring.

Born with a love for hosting events, Harsh started his journey as an anchor in 2017 when he was handling an event as a freelance-event manager and the anchor who was invited didn’t show up. Harsh took the charge on his shoulders and hosted the event by himself. Since then, Harsh’s talent has never been hidden and he has hosted numerous events for high-profile clients including the Kris Gethin gym opening event, Hira Kore TMT events, Tribal Hackathon 2017, and Xiaomi events, among others.

Despite having an engineering background, Harsh realized early on that his true passion lay in hosting events. He wanted to be financially independent so he started working as a freelance event manager and also worked with iShare a sub-division of IBC24 to pursue his passion. Harsh started working from 9 to 5 and used to host events after it. He even chose to teach kids during his breaks. Although he faced different kinds of challenges, Harsh never gave up on his passion.

One of Harsh’s greatest strengths is his ability to learn from his mistakes. When he realized that some of his audiences weren’t connecting with his events, he studied video recordings and made improvements to his performances. As a result, many families started inviting him to host their functions.

Harsh’s success in the field of anchoring is not limited to his work in Raipur. He has also worked with TED Talks, and after volunteering for them, he was given an opportunity to work with them. Harsh realized the importance of grabbing opportunities, and he advises the youth to rely on at least two sources of income.

After achieving success in his field, Harsh started his social media company, Jas Media, to support small start-ups. He believes that every business, big or small, deserves a chance to perform in the market. With Jas Media, Harsh hopes to provide small start-ups with the guidance they need to succeed.

Harsh Jasani’s story is an inspiration to all those who want to pursue their passion. His journey teaches us that with hard work, determination, and the ability to learn from our mistakes, we can achieve our dreams.

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