Meet Mr. Parmeet Batra: owner of Fabrication Solution.

Mr. Singh also tells us that Iron can be highly reusable and recyclable as compared to civil construction, which is the reason he promotes iron products.⁣

Meet Mr. Parmeet Singh Batra @parrybatra, the owner of Fabrication Solution.⁣

Mr. Singh completed his schooling at Holy Hearts Higher Secondary School, Raipur. He did his graduation in Mechanical Engineering from Shri Shankaracharya Technical Campus, Bhilai.⁣
After completing his graduation, Mr. Singh got a lot of job offerings for working in a company and got so many walk-in interviews.⁣

Mr. Singh’s family background also belongs in the technical field for 50 years. His father wanted him to work in the family business. But Mr. Singh was always keen on starting something of his own.⁣
His mom supported him throughout and helped to start a whole new business by the name “Fabrication Solution”. It specializes in manufacturing designer grills, gates, Iron Crafts and so much more.⁣

With this line of business, he wants to convert the imagination into reality. ⁣
Mr. Singh also tells us that Iron can be highly reusable and recyclable as compared to civil construction. This is the reason he promotes iron products.⁣

Mr. Singh has always been a great follower of the initiative of the government “Make In India”. He wants to support the government in every way that he can. Mr. Batra is keen on designing products that will help in rising the exports instead of imports.

Message for youth

He wants to send out a message for the youth to dream and achieve. Also he wants to promote youth for manufacturing things in India, establish industries, and export to other countries.⁣

Customer Reviews, Work Quality, and Satisfaction of the client are what motivates Mr. Batra to think smart and creative.⁣

Facing new challenges daily only makes him stronger and gets him to work even harder.⁣
Mr. Batra would like to thank the interior designers, civil contractors, and builders who always had faith in him.⁣

We wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!⁣
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