Meet Priyanshu Pandey Born and brought up in Raipur

Priyanshu completed his computer science engineering from SSIPMT and BIT Durg.

Priyanshu always had an interest in computer science, and that’s why he took engineering as his field of study. Right now, he is a software developer.

His happiest moment was when he got a chance to do paragliding in Thailand because he loves doing adventurous things.

For him, even working in Mumbai, was the most adventurous thing. He always looks forward to completing his task every day, and that gives him utmost satisfaction and happiness.

It was a surprise for him when he found his soulmate, Neha, and got engaged to her. Priyanshu’s inspiration is Lord Ram, and he is proud that he knows how to be emotionally stable. He also has a love for dogs.

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