“My Career Makes Me Feel Alive Every Day”, says Rupal Vijay Pandey

“India is one of the most diversified countries in terms of development and democracy. The aim of my life is not just to be a critic but to be capable of bringing changes in the policies and schemes dedicated to the betterment of our nation”, says Rupal Vijay Pandey.

“India is one of the most diversified countries in terms of development and democracy. The aim of my life is not just to be a critic but to be capable of bringing changes in the policies and schemes dedicated to the betterment of our nation”, says Rupal Vijay Pandey. Being inclined towards social service, she always wanted to work for the welfare of society. And this is the reason for some of her extraordinary work toward society. We are talking about a brave lady, who can’t tolerate injustice, and even combat it. Being an advocate (High Court of Chhattisgarh), Rupal Pandey is also the State Coordinator of the Sood Charity Foundation (Mumbai), and Co-Founder of PRATIBHA NGO.

In an interview with Reincarnating Raipur, Rupal Pandey shared a lot about her journey and herself too. She shares a strong bond with three of her sisters. Her father served as Zone Commissioner/HO in the State Government and her mother belongs to a business family. She completed her schooling at Kendriya Vidyalaya & KPS in Raipur. After class 10th, she took commerce as a subject as she was sure about her career. Her family background which is deeply grounded in governmental roles helped her enhance and bridge the gap between the people and the judicial system. She further expresses, “The direct reach to the integration of the people and the justice delivery system is the primary reason for pursuing B.A.LL.B as a career from Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune.”

Her concepts in life were quite clear from day one. She said, “During my graduation, I utilized my internship opportunities by dividing them into two phases. The first one is for the judicial sector and the second is for the social welfare sector. I have worked in research, drafting cases, and court proceedings under lawyers in the High Court of Delhi, Chhattisgarh, and the arbitrary panel of Pune.”

She revealed, “Initially, I worked with the Human Rights Commission. In addition to that, I also worked on the campaign called “Stop Sale Acid” with the acid attack survivor, Mrs Laxmi Agarwal. I was also a core team member of “Project Saheli” in which we worked towards the menstrual hygiene and skill development of females. Later in the development of this project, it was awarded as the second-best initiative in the smart city survey.” Later she got an opportunity to serve the tribal sector and went to Jagdalpur as the UNICEF District coordinator.

“I represented my state in the year 2018 in the Inter-nation Leadership Programme, which provides an experiential learning platform for aspiring change-makers across the nation who are engaged in a wide spectrum of activities. By the Chhatra Sansad, we engaged and interacted with experienced professionals in their field like the former Sports Minister Rajyawardhan Rathore, Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, noted journalist Rajat Sharma and many more. I have worked with MP Chhaya Verma on POCSO Act 2012. It has played an important role in enhancing my leadership and administrative and organizational skills”, she told us.

She further adds, “Due to my keen interest in policymaking and politics, I have participated in and chaired the youth parliament and also drafted policy documents and bills under the guidance of some former LAMP fellows. This provided me with a zeal to work in the policy domain. I have also worked for the Swachh Bharat Mission, Indian School of Democracy, and NSS as a guest lecturer by suggestive actions for policy implementation.” For the last two years, she is working for Sood Charity Foundation as a State Coordinator, and providing free education to 12th pass students for their better careers ahead.

When asked about her inspiration, the very next moment she said, my father. “My father has been a great inspiration for me, my parents never questioned me on my career choices. My family always encourages me for my work, and I am proud to have a family like this”, said Rupal. Being asked what she likes about advocacy, she said “I picked this profession because I like the liberty it offers. Liberty to speak for public rights, liberty to stand for justice, and liberty to take action against crime. It’s not just a regular office job, but it’s an opportunity to bring a positive and healthy change in society. And I love it. My career makes me feel alive every day”, she added. She remembers one of her seniors during this, Hamira Siddiqui, who has been a driving force for her to survive in the advocacy profession.

She later started an NGO Pratibha, and completed all the official processes to make it legal. During its initial days, she remembers that a girl student was helped through ‘Pratibha’. Still, Pratibha is sorting out the issues of the society. When asked about the message she wants to deliver to the readers, she humbly said, “Every individual should try to make a difference in society, try to make people smile. Be courageous, and fight for injustice when needed. Get out of your comfort zone and achieve your goals. Always respect your elders and never forget your culture.”

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