Richa Goswami: the legend of an achiever

Richa Goswami is the host of Radio Mirchi’s evening show name Bumper to Bumper

If you are among those who believe words are powerless then undoubtedly you haven’t met any RJ. Richa Goswami. She is the host of Radio Mirchi’s evening show name Bumper to Bumper. Richa is the girl who has her feet fixed on earth and she is typically Chhattisgarhi. Richa grew up listening to the Akash Vani radio show and desired to host the program one day by herself in a better way. In those Richa was mesmerised by the melodious voices of the Akashvani show.

After growing up Richa’s parents asked her to choose to engineer and join other students of her age. But until this Richa was aware of Radio Mirchi who has entered Raipur and her ambition was also burning inside her mind. When her parents came to know about it they put a condition on Richa that if she will clear her engineering without any back then only she is allowed to pursue her dream. Richa agreed with them and fulfilled their conditions on time. After she got an opportunity to do an internship without any pay in order to go for her dream. As she was dedicated enough, she took this opportunity. At last, Richa got a call from Mumbai for the final round for which she went to Mumbai without telling anyone and cleared the obstacles and achieved her goal.

Richa tells about the challenges of being an RJ which is that they have limited holidays as they are supposed to work on most of the holidays to entertain the audience. The second biggest challenge that every RJ faces is that they have to deal with mood swings. Like every other normal person, RJs also get upset and obsessed with their work but despite all that, they have to keep their mood aside and make their work as entertaining as they can. Besides this RJs have a special talent for connecting with normal people and understanding their points of view telling by them

During the COVID period, Richa received a call from someone who was struggling to find a hospital bed. Without wasting any time, Richa contacted the Honourable Health Minister, TS Singh Deo, and requested his help. Mr Singh Deo’s team immediately reached out to the person and arranged for a bed in the hospital. This incident left Richa feeling blessed, and she realized the true potential of radio to bring about positive change. Richa’s experience during the COVID period strengthened her belief in the power of radio.

At last Richa from her experience advises aspiring students that no matter whether you choose your passion to be your profession or play safe you should always have a plan B. Following your dream is good but giving yourself a reality check on a regular basis is better. Richa also narrates that it takes 3 things to be a successful RJ. These things updating yourself, Creativity and vacancy. No matter how creative and updated you are you can’t be an RJ until you get an opportunity.

In conclusion, Richa’s story is a true testament to the power of following your passion and never giving up. She reminds us that with hard work, determination, and a little bit of luck, anyone can achieve their dreams. So go out there and chase your passions with all your heart, just like Richa did.


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