SEEMA JINDAL, A self-made Astrologer & Vastu specialist beyond time.

SEEMA JINDAL, A self-made Astrologer & Vastu specialist beyond time.


Evolving from the core of Chhattisgarh Misses Seema Jindal is an internationally well-known Vastu Consultant, Numerologist, Astrologer, Tarot Card Reader, and Regression Therapist. She has also studied Occult science. She relocated to Delhi in 2001 and started studying Occult science there. In 2004 she felt the hunger for knowledge again and studied astrology after Vastu later this practice became a trend for Vastu students.  After that, she went to Dubai and came home again in 2006.

Misses Seema Jindal is a professional Vastu consultant who helps her national and international clients in their way. According to her Vastu is also a form of science that helps in avoiding problems as well as in increasing positivity. Vastu is an ancient art of keeping your house, office, or any place to get the best results from the energies of nature. Vastu can help people in avoiding several genuine problems that are generally faced by people. She also teaches the ancient knowledge of Vastu as well as she is about to launch a course in it. She wants everyone to understand Vastu so that they can help themselves with the ancient art of India. She believes whenever you buy a property or do any construction it’s best to consult a Vastu consultant before that.


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