Fat Tiger Raipur Presents First Live Music Event

Fat Tiger Raipur decides to restore the social connections, which are vanishing in this virtual and digital world

If you love music, a good song or the beats might lift your spirits “Music’s the medicine of the mind”.

This mass of humanity is shaped by music, which gives it form and creates periods of tension and relaxation, breath, and energy oscillations. It generates moments when people get tuned in to one another, which may result in movement and gestures. The emotional satisfaction you get from listening or viewing online is considerably different from going to a live performance because of the lovely sensation of being synchronized with each other. At a live concert, you can see and feel other people’s bodies.



In any get-together or hangout, people usually prefer, going to a restaurant, a bar, or some social venue. Fat tiger is serving as the ‘social glue’. Fat Tiger  Raipur decides to restore the social connections, which are vanishing in this virtual and digital world.

Anyone who has attended live music events might have experienced the positive impacts. If you have not yet used the phrase “The best night of my Life” you missed Fat Tiger Raipur’s electrifying performance.

Fat Tiger Raipur came up with a live music event on 30th April 2023. It was held in collaboration with Vilas Gupta. For anyone who loves the beats or is a music lover, this event was a blast.

Many cafes and restaurants use background music to withstand crowd noise and awkward silence. Fat Tiger chooses to hire live performing artist “Vilas Gupta” to create an impactful experience for the people. Live music allows the listener to feel vibrations from the music, which release Oxytocin, a fundamental hormone for happiness and friendship in humans. It enhances social adaptation, a sense of trust, and even physical muscular relaxation.

The evening turned out to be a tranquil one for the audience. The artist sang songs from the audience’s favorite demands. The evening allowed people to interact with new people and forge new bonds and connections.

The overall sensation of the evening was the feeling of bass in your chest, the sound of everyone singing to the same tune, and a shared sense of togetherness amongst the crowd. On top of that, the dripping rain added to the atmosphere of the space. People interacted with each other while listening to music, ordering their favorite snacks and drinks, and enjoying the delicious taste of the Fat Tiger.

Because of the worldwide pandemic, society has taken these items for granted for the past year. To say that your favorite song has “power” may seem abstract at first, but the truth is that the experience of live music benefits everyone involved – the artist(s), the venue, and, most importantly, the audience – the listener.


Fat Tiger is a sophisticated QSR and cafe franchise based in Raipur’s Shankar Nagar. In the city, it serves Momos, burgers, pizza, drinks, and much more. The chain provides internationally famous teas, beverages, and expertly crafted momos, along with nutritional food alternatives.

For more details contact +917999654059

“So go in, visit, celebrate, sit back and enjoy!”

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