Chhattisgarh’s jump ropers made the state proud

Chhattisgarh Glows at Rope Jumping

The 19th Junior and 18th Sub-junior Federation Cup 2023 National Championship for rope jumping were recently held in Shirdi, Maharashtra from February 3 to 5. This year, Chhattisgarh’s jump ropers made the state proud by securing the third position and bagging 11 medals, including seven gold, three silver, and one bronze.

The championship saw the participation of talented jump ropers from across the country, and Chhattisgarh’s team put up a brilliant performance. Pranav was the first to win a medal for the state in the speed 30 seconds event, bagging a silver medal.

Hardik and Yuvraj’s pair won two gold medals in the Chinese wheel event, while Chahat Dadhich’s excellent skills won Chhattisgarh three gold medals in the double Dutch single freestyle event. Deepshikha and Khushi won two gold medals in the single rope pair freestyle event, and Hardik and Yuvraj won two silver medals in the boy’s category in single rope pairs freestyle. Akshat won the only bronze medal for the state in freestyle.

The team’s head coach Gopesh Chandani, along with former players Himanshu Kashyap, Ankita Pandey, Anil Mishra, and Akhilesh Dubey congratulated the team on their impressive performance.

Rope jumping is a sport that requires skill, focus, and dedication. It is a great way to improve physical fitness, agility, and coordination. Jump roping is also a fun way to exercise and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Chhattisgarh’s success in the national championship is a testament to the state’s commitment to promoting and developing sports. With the right training, support, and encouragement, there is no doubt that Chhattisgarh’s jump ropers will continue to shine in national and international competitions in the future.


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