Ex-Arca Webinar organized at HNLU, Raipur

HNLU, a premier law university in the country organized an Ex-Arca Webinar on ‘Human Rights in a Multi-polar World’.

Hidayatullah National Law University (HNLU) a premier law university in the country organized an Ex-Arca Webinar on ‘Human Rights in a Multi-polar World’ on 10th December 2022. It was organized to commemorate International Human Rights Day. The Webinar will be graced by Prof. (Dr.) Venkat Rao, former Vice Chancellor of the National Law School of India, University will be the Chief Guest for the session. The Guest of Honour for the programme were Prof Jellis Subhan, Head, School of Law, ITM University and Prof. Saloni Tyagi Shrivastava, Head, Faculty of Law, Kalinga University.

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Prof. Dr Uday Shankar, Registrar of HNLU delivered the Welcome Address. The Opening Remarks were delivered by Prof. Dr V.C. Vivekanandan, Vice-Chancellor, HNLU. The School of Law at ITM University and Kalinga University are partnering with the programme.


In his opening speech HNLU vice chancellor professor, VC Vivekanandan highlighted that the concept of individual human rights was recognized post-world war in international law and a series of initiatives from the Geneva Convention to that of the International Criminal Court and NGO advocacy like Amnesty International were born.

Jellis Subhan, HoD, School of Law, ITM University examined the notion of human rights in the context of human dignity and in this regard, he particularly highlighted the accessibility gap in the context of healthcare services in developed vs developing countries.

Dr R Venkata Rao, former vice-chancellor, of NLSIU started his deliberations by questioning the very notion of universality, especially when the declaration was affirmed by only a third of the world population.

Professor Uday Shankar, registrar of HNLU earlier welcomed the dignitaries and audience to the Ex Arca meet and Dr Deepak Shrivastava, dean of UG Law delivered the vote of thanks.

The Webinar is going to be hosted under the platform “EX ARCA” (meaning out of the box) series of HNLU. It is hosted on Cisco WebEx and will be telecast live on YouTube at

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