Raipur-based strength lifters shine at International Championship-2023, win multiple golds

Chhattisgarh Strength Lifting Team Dominates International Championship, Wins Six Gold Medals

Kamala Shrestha of Tribhuvan Army Club lifts weight during the Sunil Lal Joshi Memorial Weightlifting Championship in Lalitpur on Wednesday, September 13, 2017. Photo: Udipt Singh Chhetry/THT

The recently concluded four-day International Strength Lifting IBP Championship-2023 held in Kathmandu, Nepal, saw Chhattisgarh strength lifting teams emerge as the dominant force, winning an impressive six gold medals. The Indian team also emerged as the winner of the team championship for their overall performances, with Chhattisgarh playing a significant part in securing the top position.

According to Chhattisgarh, weight lifting power and strength lifting and bodybuilding coaches, Manik Tamrakar, Naresh Kumar of Raipur and Nahid Akhtar of Rajnandgao bagged gold medals in the senior categories, while Akash Baheshar of Raipur clinched a silver medal. Kamla Devi Mangtani of Manendragarh won a gold medal in the over 66 categories, Nikki Gupta from Raipur won gold in the junior category, and Jagrit Sharma, another Raipur-based player, clinched gold in the master category.

In addition, 55-year-old Sanjida Khatun from Bilaspur won gold in the master 2 category, and Mohar Singh was satisfied with a silver medal in the same category. Dharmendra Das from Chirmiri bagged gold in the senior category of the championship, as announced by coach Manik Tamrakar.

Chhattisgarh played a significant role in their medal-winning feat, helping India secure the top position in the team championship for their overall performances. Coach Manik Tamrakar further added that Harinath of Dallirajhra was the coach of the Indian team, and Udal Valmiki was in charge of the Chhattisgarh strength-lifting team.

The excellent performance of the local players was congratulated by various officials, including Secretary of Raipur Gym Association Poshan Bandhe, President of Raipur Bodybuilding Association Harivallabh Agrawal, Lifetime President Shiv Mohan Shukla, Senior Vice President Kundan Singh Thakur, Vice President Khileshwar Verma, Jitendra Dewangan, Treasurer Himant Parmale, Chandu Sahu, and others.

The impressive victory of the Chhattisgarh strength lifting team is a testament to their dedication, hard work, and commitment to the sport. Congratulations to the team on their outstanding achievement, and we wish them continued success in the future.


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