The Astrology angle of Covid-19 and the future

Our astrologer has outlined specific details to correlate this virus to astrological factors. In his view, astrology predicts, guides, and provides remedies.

Raipur, the Renowned astrologer, at The Prediction Point, speaks to our team about his prediction of what is in store for the future and some of the reasons why COVID-19 struck. Our astrologer has outlined specific details to correlate this virus to astrological factors. In his view, astrology predicts, guides, and provides remedies.

After 1962 (almost after 58 long years) on 26th December 2019, the last & highly Malefic solar eclipse occurred, which happened in the Sagittarius zodiac and Moola constellation with the conjugation of six planets in a single house together.

It was a great coincidence that Mercury, Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, and Ketu were in one house and Moola nakshatra in 4 padas (Ketu is a Lord of the Moola constellation). All planets were Malefic due to the presence of Ketu, it was the initiation of the COVID-19 pandemic. From the medical astrological point of view, KETU is responsible for lung diseases and fever.

This Malefic solar eclipse was also signaling riotous, violence in the country. After two months after this eclipse, the Delhi riots happened.

Eclipse was indicated by natural calamities & harmful monsoons within three months of this eclipse. Since it all started in 2019 and thus got the name COVID-19.

Initiation or Epidemiology of Covid 19

2020 was a year ruled by RAHU and KETU, Rahu, and Ketu both are malefic planets, where Rahu is responsible for respiratory tract diseases and Ketu is responsible for lung associated diseases. In January 2020 Rahu was in the AADRA constellation (4 padas) where Rahu is the most malefic & powerful, AADRA means moisture or wetness, and this nature of Audra is directly related to the common cold & cough diseases or symptoms which are initial symptoms of CORONA

Progression of Covid-19

Horoscope of India- RAHU, and KETU created Kaal Sarpa Dosha and this yoga increases the negative sides of Rahu -Ketu and increases disease progression.

Mars transit on Sagittarius on 28th February and Conjugate on with Ketu leads to the formation of Angarak Yoga. This is another Malefic Yoga in terms of law and order which resulted in the complete look-down of the country.

Jupiter and Sun are responsible for the discipline and immunity of our body. After Solar Eclipse(2019 Dec), and Jupiter’s transit on 29th March, Jupiter lost its positive energy, and thus people started breaking the look-down rule. Due to the lack of Jupiter and solar power. immunity was also compromised, and the country experienced COVID-19 bulk cases.

Slowing Down of Covid-19

The transition of the sun on 15 April in the Aries Zodiac, where the Sun was in a Powerful Position, resulted in the lowering cases of COVID-19 and increased recovery rate.

Aggression of Covid-19

Two eclipses were in June within 15 days ie the moon and sun eclipse. This highly malefic coincidence resulted in a monsoon, which in turn increased the number of COVID cases.

Partial Relief from Covid-19

KAL SARPA YOGA is weakening its effect since the 16 of July, as per the Indian horoscope, which leads to the weakening of Rahu-Ketu and thus the disease progression is slow.

Ketu will leave the Moola constellation on the 23rd of September. Ketu will transit in the Jyeshta constellation, it will be the stage where 90% of the problem will be solved.

Last Stage of Covid-19

Adding, This pandemic is a story of humankind and nature. In the age of technology, we moved so fast that we forgot our role in the universe, now is the time to rethink and make necessary changes. We are merely the galloping horses and Mother Nature will always hold the reins.”

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