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Get a sneak peek into what the year holds for you

Numerology is an ancient art of future prediction practiced by Indians, Egyptians and Native Americans. It is believed that putting your date of birth in a certain calculation can reveal your strengths, weaknesses and many things about life. As per numerology, the year 2023 will be governed by the energies of 0, 2, 3, 5, and 7. Are you curious to know how your year is going to unfold in 2023? To get a sneak peek into what the year holds for you, read on to find out how your birth number will impact your fortunes.

Number 1: Those born under this number will experience contentment in their personal and financial lives. However, conflict with their boss may put their job at risk, and recurring health issues may trouble them and their spouse.

Number 2: If your birth number is 2, clear your debts and avoid applying for further loans. Consider your decisions carefully before making big investments. Letting go of anger can heal relationships, but promotions may take longer to materialize.

Number 3: Those born under the number 3 will see new sources of income coming their way, ensuring steady cash flow and payment of debts. Working professionals and freelancers will achieve new milestones in their careers. However, they should be wary of viral fevers and stomach issues.

Number 4: While business owners and entrepreneurs may struggle with competition, those in the creative field will flourish. Make sure to pay your taxes on time, and watch out for airborne diseases, bloating, and gas.

Number 5: If your birth number is 5, your seniors at work will trust you with substantial projects this year. Financial conditions will be managed via profits from past investments. Keeping your ego aside and being humble will work wonders for your romantic relationships.

Number 6: Passive sources of income will keep those born under the number 6 financially stable. However, extravagant expenses for family members may disrupt the flow. The likelihood of promotion and appreciation are high, but they should be careful of diabetes.

Number 7: Partnerships and investments will do well for those born under the number 7. Their work will be appreciated, and positive family relationships and religious events at home will make for a joyful year. However, those suffering from chronic diseases must take extra care.

Number 8: 2023 will test the time management skills of those born under the number 8. Only those who get more done in less time will survive. Expenses on education are approaching, and a healthy diet and regular medical check-ups are mandated.

Number 9: Those born under the number 9 may have the possibility of spending extravagantly on real estate, vehicles, and elite accessories, which could affect their finances. The workplace environment will be favourable, and health issues can be dealt with through yoga, meditation, and regular medical check-ups.

With numerology as your guide, you can prepare yourself for the challenges and opportunities that 2023 has in store for you. So, embrace your lucky numbers and make the most of the year!

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