AWAJ RAIPUR: Self-Reliance starts at home

“We should always strive to continue contributing in a small way because this might be difficult but not impossible”.

Following the same mantra of life, became part of an NGO named “AWAJ Raipur Samajik Vikas Sanstha, which made me realize that apart from solely relying on government measures, we must step up and help people around by becoming more self-reliance

“We should always strive to continue contributing in a small way because this might be difficult but not impossible”

Human beings are considered an important and integral part of the ecosystem They are endowed with

Our foundation came into existence in the year 2016 Since its inception, we have been dedicated to making an impact on slums and rural areas. The core efforts of the foundation are to bring out fresh ideas and passion to the ranger activities in various regions’ intelligence. thinking. creative skills, and are the biggest and most valuable resource. New and creative approaches are needed to convert all the natural resources, especially humans into opportunities for all concerned and that is the biggest challenge To overcome this challenge our foundation met Reincarnating Raipur, and since then we have been working closely to transform human capabilities into an asset.

Reincarnating Raipur

Reincarnating Raipur has always supported rebuilding the economy of the state and city. They have successfully become the medium for unemployed people and under-utilized human resources, both skilled and unskilled for their training according to their potential, interests, passion, or industry requirements as They believe in approaching the unemployed, communicating with them, and understanding their area of skill closely as possible.

It is a basic summary of their dream project to understand what they believe and what they would love to contribute with the help of their brand Reincarnating Raipur to where they have been learning about being progressive while supporting each other as gratitude to our beloved nation.

Our foundation AWAJ Raipur urges the people to help companies like Reincarnating Raipur transform their capabilities into capital, and help them procure all the resources, generate opportunities for the city, prepare them for the industry and be all set to learn and fly! And we also emphasize other companies as well to come forward for the same cause.

Also, this project is not at all like any job portal or skilled institution kind of concept but more like considering the potential population as a big resource and converting it as capital.

For this cause, make your part, donate the given account number, and help to develop human skills.

We seek any form of support for an NGO like Awaj which is reshaping the lives of many underprivileged children. You can donate to the bank account


A/c No. – 124003747735 IFSC-UTIBOJSBRO1 Bank – Axis Bank Branch – Sundar Nagar, Raipur

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