Wedding: The New Era of Intimate Weddings

From a Big Fat wedding to a small intimate ones. Grab your mask, sanitize your hands, write your wedding vows, we will take care of the rest.

From a Big Fat Indian wedding to a small intimate wedding. Grab your mask, and sanitize your hands. Write down your wedding vows, we will take care of the rest.

The year 2020 has not been a regular year at all, but as they say, love knows no time, circumstances, and boundaries and so couples are getting married during the pandemic and SHORGUL has started amid this Though the initial planning of couples & families might have got canceled if you have been to any of the weddings this season, you would know that the weddings happening in locked own are much more fun, stress-free and most importantly, intimate.

Only families and friends who matter the most are incited. Although with some help of technology, the wedding can reach out to guests all over the world, who could not be physically present.

Social Distancing

Government restriction has been implied all over the country 10 not include more than 50 guests at a wedding Prior permission needs to be taken by the local authorities as WELL.

Families and friends must maintain social distancing during all the wedding functions.

Virtual Wedding

Zoom app is a good option to let invitees witness the epic day. Zoom offers free zoom meetings for 40 mins for your people for a larger duration you can get a paid licensed account A phone tab or laptop could be placed at a comfortable vantage point in the mandap for a perfect viewing experience.

Improvise and Personalize

You may not want to roam all around the city looking for cameras, other ritual items, and gifts. Juttis, kurtas, designer lehengas, jewelry, etc during these times. Pay a visit to SHORGUL, we have got you covered. As a bespoke wedding studio, we also provide a canopy of services including wedding planning, photography, and decoration. Makeup, catering apart from the products that we offer.

Shorgul Koro, Tamasha Nahi

Just because it is an intimate affair does not mean you cut out DRINK, DANCE, and not forget the DRAMA. People can shoot a small video of themselves dancing (keep the Naagin dances coming), or showering flowers. Or maybe toast. Plan something special. Even for the guests who are not coming. Make your presence count without being present too. Ash the guests to dress the part and not attend the same in pajamas. It is important to make the bride and groom feel like you are there in spirit, if not in person.

A Perfect Alternative

For somebody who is not a fan of big fat Indian weddings. this is a perfect alternative (and even an excuse). for an Intimate wedding. It is not only budget-friendly but also less stressful (you won’t have to worry about any distant relatives not getting enough food). You can share the best moments of your life in every small function with people who matter the most.

There is a different kind of involvement and warmth around Your people. You also will not be worried or conscious about t of things happening at once, considering it will be a small intimate affair.

The best part you ask?

With all the money saved now, you can set off on a fabulous honeymoon when the borders finally open, with SHORGUL of course Author.

Article by: Shreya Shrishrimal

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