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Meet C.K. Lalwani : A businessman from Madhya Pradesh

Born and brought up in a small town of Madhya Pradesh and now ruling the catering in Raipur. Business is in his genes.

He did his graduation with from Harisingh Gaur University Sagar.

He always had a big interest in the field of politics and was the president of his college.

Soon after graduation, he started helping his family in the business.
He has tasted the water of every business field. He became the mayor of the place in 2002.

But he has more interest in the business and hence after leaving everything he opened the very first cold storage in his district and again shined in the dark.

Due to some family conflicts, he had to move to Raipur and then started his business with being among the very few people entering the hospitality business.

He opened a family diner for his wife with the name ‘Royal Food Park’ which is now known as ‘Spice India’. But this wasn’t enough and he started spreading his business and has now opened its 4 branches in town.

He is one of the biggest caterers in town and is running the mess of a few academies as well as universities.

He was even part of NRDA catering.
Apart from the hospitality industry.

Apart from his professional life, he is fond of traveling and exploring different business ideas.

He considers his father as his inspiration.

A big salute to such a personality.
Happy birthday sir!

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