Namrata Verma : a fashion designer from Raipur

Born and brought up in Raipur, she did her schooling at Ryan International School and graduated in the field of Commerce.

Namrata Verma

She never imagined herself being a fashion designer because her parents always thought that she’d choose something very different from this.

She, since childhood, liked it when she got ready and whenever looks good in the clothes that she chose for herself. Prints, patterns, and designs always attract her.



In between her classes, she used to draw drawings, and eventually, that became her passion.

Whenever she is around fabrics and stuff, the process and making of a dress make her very excited. She has worked on over 80 + projects till now in fashion.


She was the happiest when she earned her first profit, two years back. It was your happiest because it made her parents very happy as she gifted it to them.

She always trusts her instincts and believes in a self, and she tells other people to do it too. She says that no one knows your strength more than you do.

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