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Meet Palash Mishra : a businessman, and a wrestler.

Born in Raipur, completed his graduation BA. He is 28 right now and started understanding handling his business from the young age of 13.

Being the only son, he had to understand all of the family business and support his father, and that was the reason for him joining this profession, at such a young age.

He has a keen interest in gyming and wrestling and have been doing this for a long time. Unlike many other people, he doesn’t like traveling and likes to stay in the city.


He calls his father his motivation. His father taught him many things about life and how to stand up on his own feet.

He also motivated Palash to ace in whatever he is doing right now.

Most of the time, he is handling the business, but he loves it when he gets back to his family at the end of the day and spends time with them.

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