Pet care: Go on, adopt a pet

People For Animals (PFA) is an NGO with like-minded people working hard to find the best “DESI” Indian breed pet for you.

Homeless puppy dog sitting alone in the middle of the street.

Dogs are one of the most ideal pets that a man can have as a companion. Pet ownership offers a multitude of benefits for physical and emotional health, in fact, after a long difficult day, nothing can be compared to the unconditional love you receive from a sweet pet. Be it indies, strays, or streets, majority of us ignore them or even fear them, or just shove them away. This article is for those lucky few who think animals are a source of instant happiness. It is a lifestyle and if you decide to adopt one, remember the responsibilities that come with it.


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People for Animals

People For Animals (PFA) is an NGO that works all over India with little help from like-minded people. These people work hard to find the best “DESI” Indian breed pet for you. When you adopt our native breed dogs, you are not just saving the life of one homeless animal but the lives of many others, too. Your adoption fee for native breed dogs and any additional money you choose to spend at the adoption center helps our organization continue to save the lives of other animals in need. Our organization which was set up three years back finally turned out to be super impactful.

So far, we have rescued 180 plus puppies and kitties which were being adopted instead of purchased from evil mass be ending facilities Our volunteers work hard to find healthy puppies, do their vaccination, initial veterinary care, spaying or neuter your pet. The adoption process of our rescued healthy pet is no less than the adoption of a human child. Proper paperwork is done, and identity proofs and the financial viability of the pet parents are also been looked upon. After adoption house visits are done, and they are guided on vaccination or food or the peculiar lifestyle of the certain pet. We aim to build a community of responsible pet parents.

If you ever open your home to a shelter animal, you will know exactly how special and rewarding it is. They too are waiting for their forever homes. Do make a difference in the lives of homeless animals with us and advocate this message: Adopt, Do not Shop!

Article by Kasturi Balal, PFA Raipur

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