Meet Somya Gidwani : An Interior Designer from Raipur.

Born and bought up in Raipur, she did her interior designing course from SIBI, Raipur. After she went for a three-month internship to Pune.

It was her dad who told her to do interior designing and she says that those 2-3 months when she was in Pune, were the best of her life. She never went out to live alone before and it was a new and exciting experience for her. Her friends used to call her ‘carpenter‘ as she used to do their art projects and now she is designing a home for one of her friends!


Somya has done 5 projects in just one year and right now she is doing her post-graduation from Pune from MIT in logistics and chain supply. She just can’t stay away from Pune for a long time and would like to do a full-time job in Pune soon.

She likes to know everything about her clients so that she can design their interior according to that. From furniture to cushions to the color of the walls, she needs everything to be perfect.

She initially applied for Pearl Academy, Jaipur for jewelry designing but then her father told her to do interior designing which she now thank him for. Her mother is her inspiration. She says that she motivates her all the time and is always supportive. Her mother always tells her to be optimistic.


Apart from interior designing, she is a pet person and loves to pet Rabbits and Dogs. She used to give all her time after work to the four Rabbits she had in Pune. She loves to draw and plan everything with a backup.

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