Simi Butt : An Inerior Designer born and bought up in Raipur

Simi says ‘rather making someone else my boss, why not make myself my boss?’ She loves when she hires someone and gives credit for their work.

“Think what will make you happy, and you will find inspiration in everything you look at”, Says our designer birthday girl, Simi Butt.

Aspiring to become an engineer, she went to Nagpur for pursuing electrical engineering and then switched to software engineering in Pune.


When she began her career, she realised that she is not for 9 to 5 jobs or an engineer. That made her step into pursuing interior design.

When she was interning, her boss used to credit himself for the designs she made, and that made her start her own Design Studio which she’s been running for five years and still doing great.


She says that ‘rather making someone else my boss, why not make myself my boss?’ She loves when she employees someone and always gives her employees or interns the credit for their work.


There was an Interior Designer in her since she was a child. She uses to decorate her place and tried to keep everything maintained. Loving to do DIY stuff, she likes scrolling Pinterest as a hobby the whole time and keeps learning new things from it.

Simi never keeps herself unoccupied, and either is working, or spending time with friends, family, or with her hobby.

Simi keeps thinking about how to multiply how to work to be efficient enough to provide employment help for family and save the environment. She always tries to do something which will contribute to it, in any other way.


Team Gr8pandy wishes Simi a very Happy Birthday.🎊

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