Dr. Anugandha Ghatge Bora: Transforming Lives with Dermatological Excellence

Dr. Anugandha Ghatge Bora: Leading Dermatologist Enhancing Confidence through Skincare

Dr. Anugandha Ghatge Bora
Dr. Anugandha Ghatge Bora, a consultant Dermatologist and Director at Dermafusion Clinic in Raipur, embarked on a distinguished journey in medicine influenced by her family’s medical background; her mother, a respected gynecologist, initially hoped for Anugandha to follow in her footsteps. However, Anugandha’s aspirations evolved during her medical internship, leading her to discover a fervent passion for dermatology—a field where she envisioned her future.
Dr. Anugandha Ghatge Bora

She was born in Bilaspur and had a very conducive childhood for her determined mindset. Completing her early education in Bilaspur and higher secondary in Raipur, Dr. Bora pursued her MBBS at Wardha, Maharashtra, which laid a solid foundation for her medical career. Thereafter she returned to Raipur to prepare for her postgraduate studies, as a two-year hiatus dedicated to focused exam preparation.

Dr. Bora’s inspiration for dermatology blossomed during her clinical rotations, where her stint in the dermatology department was transformative, making her realize her potential to impact lives positively. Unlike pursuing a more lucrative surgical specialization, she chose dermatology for the joy of restoring confidence and happiness in her patients through skincare and aesthetic treatments.

After completing DDVL she pursued further training, including a senior residency and consultancy in Hyderabad, where she honed her skills in various dermatological procedures and treatments. Throughout her seven-year tenure in dermatology, Dr. Anugandha Ghatge Bora has gained immense satisfaction from helping her patients achieve their desired outcomes, which has enhanced her confidence and expertise. Despite considering herself modestly successful, the happiness and satisfaction of her patients speak volumes of her proficiency and dedication.

Driven by her commitment to excellence and her desire to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives, for cutting-edge techniques she has undergone intensive training modules that span a wide array of areas, including dermato-surgery, laser surgery, non-invasive skin rejuvenation, body contouring, micro-blading, and micro-pigmentation. With a focus on continuous learning and innovation, Dr. Bora stays at the forefront of dermatological advancements to provide her patients with the best possible care.

Her dedication to her craft and her unwavering pursuit of excellence have earned her recognition, including collaborations with renowned institutions and achievements like the Largest Psoriasis Awareness Ribbon in collaboration with Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, acknowledged by the Asia Book of Records. Moreover, she presented an international paper in Singapore in 2018. She has also penned noteworthy chapters of books like “Clinical Cases in Leprosy”. Her dermatological expertise has also found a place in various publications in the esteemed PubMed Indexed International Journals.
When she realized that she had to put her expertise and experience into helping people with a vision of empowering people through dermatological care, offering a comprehensive range of skin, hair, and aesthetics treatments, Dermafusion Clinic came into being as a collaborative endeavor of hers and her husband Dr. Akshay Bora, a consultant plastic surgeon, as a fusion of Dermatology and Plastic Surgery.
Despite the heavy demands of her profession, Dr. Bora maintains a clear boundary between her work and personal life, ensuring that she remains grounded and present for both her family and her patients. Her ability to juggle these aspects of her life is greatly supported by her husband, who stands firmly by her aspirations and responsibilities.

Dr. Bora’s professional ethos extends beyond the clinic as she has actively participated in health camps and charitable initiatives, particularly focusing on spreading awareness about skincare in rural areas. She is an active member of a pan-India community of dermatologists and engages locally in organizing free check-ups in schools, camps, and even jails, demonstrating her commitment to accessible healthcare. This outreach is driven by her belief that early and correct skincare guidance can prevent severe dermatological issues later.

Her philosophy of treating skincare as an expense and an investment in one’s well-being resonates deeply with her patients and community. Dr. Bora advocates against the casual use of over-the-counter remedies and emphasizes the importance of professional consultation, especially against the misuse of topical steroids which are common in misinformed attempts at self-treatment. As a thought leader in her field, Dr. Bora is also vocal about the evolving trends in dermatology, particularly the rise in awareness among younger generations about skincare routines and products. She credits this shift to increased access to information but cautions against the overwhelming influx of marketing-driven advice over the internet that often leads to misinformation.

Her journey from a passionate intern to a respected dermatologist and community advocate in Chhattisgarh is a reflection of her commitment to her profession and her desire to make a lasting impact on the well-being of her patients and the broader community. Dr. Anugandha Ghatge Bora continues to inspire both her peers and the next generation of medical professionals through her dedication, expertise, and heartfelt approach to skincare.

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