Zeeshan Butt : MBBS Aspirant who is Born and brought up in Raipur

“Never explain your art to someone,” says Zeeshan. Doodling and sketching is his hobby as well as a stress buster out of his hectic schedule.

“Never explain your art to someone.” says our to-be-doctor artist Zeeshan Butt.

Born and brought up in Raipur, right now he is pursuing MBBS. Since his mother is a physiotherapist, she wanted one of her children to become a doctor. Previously he wasn’t interested but thought to give it a try and after clearing the exam, the medical field gained his interest.


Doodling and sketching is his hobby as well as a stress buster out of his hectic schedule. He even started an Instagram page, Sketchy Sanguine for giving his art a try for the showcase. He later expanded it to digital art too. He is also a freelance photographer.

His close ones know that he is not fake and can’t pretend to like someone to make a conversation out of them. He makes friends very selectively, and even his art and sketches use dark basic colours conveying messages.


Other than sketching, he also likes to wander. He doesn’t like the travelling part and considers it very hectic. But when he reaches his desired place, he can wander around everywhere. He also likes to dance and takes part in every function in his college. Being a food lover too, he hates sharing food, especially french fries.


His mother is his inspiration and teaches him to be a kind person and how to do multi-tasking. He is the only brother with two adult sisters, but there was never gender biasedness among his siblings. His sisters taught him how to behave around girls and think that every guy should have an elder sister to guild them.
Team Gr8pandy wishes Zeeshan a very Happy Birthday!🎊

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