Dushyant Nagpure : Pursuing Computer Science Engineering

“Understanding and practice, of not just the game, but anything can make you achieve some expertise,” says our birthday boy, Dushyant Nagpure.

Dushyant is pursuing Computer Science Engineering from Shankaracharya University, Raipur, he participates in gaming events around the city, like on the campuses of NIT, RIT, GEC, etc.


He has expertise in Counter-Strike and has won multiple tournaments in that game. once he started playing this game,  he loved playing games.

Counter-Strike is a game that involves a group of five people, and he has a group of friends with the same interest.


Dushyant began his interest in e-sports when he was in class in 11th and started playing it in 12th. Since then he is thinking to try his hands in a national gaming tournament.

His inspirations are Elon Musk, and for gaming, his inspiration is Kenny Schrub (known as Kenny). He also likes to do coding and considers gaming and coding his entertainment. His whole day composes of these two only.


Dushyant says that the hours don’t matter when you are playing a game. The efficiency, understanding and efforts you put into your gaming skills matter.

You should also watch the expert gameplay, and learn from them, as they give you different perspectives of the game.

we wish you a very Happy Birthday, Sir!🎉

We hope you have a great year ahead

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