Shrey Bajaj : Wishing you a very happy belated birthday!

“Once to start keeping up with a healthy morning routine for yourself, you are winning the first stage towards success,” says Shrey Bajaj.

Shrey is into finance, the stock market and how to develop knowledge and skills about both of them. He is also exploring ways to make his lifestyle better by meditation, workouts and lots of quality reading. Right now, he is preparing to go for an MBA.


During his rough phase of life, during class 12th, while he was in a bit of depression, he lost his focus from studies and started focusing on the other aspects of life and system.

He began to think about the education system and how it all seemed fake to him and after his schooling, took admission to Christ University, Banglore.

Now, all his focus was on earning his own money. Beginning to believe in the ‘make me rich, quick’ things, he realised that that would not take him anywhere but loss and thus, he began working on his skills.

He found that everything is available on YouTube, and by using a little brain, you can find all the worthy and useful resources on YouTube for free.


Recently, he realised that making a community of like-minded people can make the beginners learn faster and in a better way, than doing it alone.

Skill Development

Shrey never was much in the eco-curricular in his college but he met a lot of people while he was there and made a very strong network. He loves to practice his networking skills.

Shrey doesn’t believe in formal education and believes in skill development and believes in exploring it all. For remaining productive, he started doing podcasts informing people about the knowledge he gained from reading and learning.


Later he thought to make something of himself, a company or something, to show the world that it is not just all words. He put a pause in his podcasts and now is working on his future.

He took on the challenge ’75-hard days by Andy Frisella’ for inculcating a habit by doing that for 75 continuous days and following certain rules during that.

Wishing you a very happy belated birthday!

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