Ambuj Sethi : A master of all creatives ( baker, VFX & graphic designer )

“Keep dreaming, and your dream is going to be the base of the purpose of your life”, says our multitalented birthday boy Ambuj Sethi.

Born in Indore, he completed his school education from DPS, Raipur. After getting 95% in his 12th standard (and topping his school), he thought of pursuing medical and even cracked PMT in his first attempt.




But his passion for creative thinking and business made him do otherwise. He dropped of medical college and went for CLAT. He cracked CLAT in his first attempt too, and right now is in his last year of BA LLB from HNLU.

His plan has always been to get a professional degree while being in Raipur itself.

He is very attached to his family and wants to establish his business plans being here.


One can call him a master of all creatives as he is a certified baker, cook, graphic designer, animator and VFX designer, musician, music composer and photographer.

He has been a drummer for 13 years and is also good at composing electronic music. He is also an active quizzer and has won 2nd prize in state-level quiz competitions twice.


Ambuj says that he loves exploring creative things and is proud that he thinks differently than society.

He is a selectively social person who is inspired by the ‘mad’ people who finds different ways of working on things and creatively. That’s what makes Elon Musk his idol.

Ambuj says that Elon Musk is not his idol because of what he has done but how he has done things. He has read everything about him and also about Elon Musk’s idols mentioned in his biography. ‘Reinventing things is the future’ he believes.

Being a sensitive and emotional human, he accepts what comes to him as an emotion.

His mother being a therapist understands everything and has built him and his sister to be what they are.
“Live by your idols, not of the others”, is what makes him move and live his life.

Wishing you a very happy belated birthday! Ambuj sir ✨

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