A leading model in the city: Vedika Sao

This post celebrates the birthday of an aspiring model! ⁣

Meet Ms. Vedika Sao @vedikasao , a leading model in the city. ⁣
Being born and brought up in a small town, Mahasamund, Vedika’s family background was very spiritual and her father saw a future saint in her. He never thought of her as a model. On the other hand, having such a beautiful and photogenic face, her mom and other family members pushed her to try for modelling once. ⁣
Miss Mahasamund contest was organized which came to her notice and she participated without letting her family know! And it was a moment of proudness for her father when he received a call informing that his daughter has won the Miss Mahasamund. ⁣
This contest was marked as the beginning of her journey and she became one of the leading model from Chhattisgarh.

Her journey took a huge plight when she won the Miss Face of Central India in 2017. ⁣
She wants to be an example for every other girl who belongs to a small city and wants to pursue modelling!⁣
She is the first girl from her city to make sure she achieved her dream life! ⁣
Till date Vedika has done tons of shoots, YouTube tutorials, brand shoots and campaign shoots and so much more! ⁣
So much power to a great woman who refused to give up on her dream.
We wish you a very Happy Birthday! ⁣ . ⁣

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