AMAN JOSHI-Amazing wedding photographer,

The wedding photographer, Aman Joshi was born in Durg and shifted to Raipur when he was in class 6th.

Aman Joshi was born in Durg and shifted to Raipur when he was in class 6th.

He did his schooling from Raipur & graduation from Dreamzone Academy where he got a degree in Photography. He got his interest in photography since 2016, as he used to see his uncle working in his studio. He loved his work & the camera attracted him the most. During those time even his friends were too much into the photoshoots. His friends loved to go for a shoot and guess what Aman Joshi was the first person they used to call for the shoots. The first-ever pay he got was from his friends of Rs. 500. And then his friends suggested him to go for this field and establish his own name.
In his journey, he has worked in 11-12 jobs and then shifted to photography.

During the beginning stage, when he joined the college, he used to get some assignments in which he gets to work on the field & shot various weddings. And this is how his career begins.

He even joined the snow world, City Center mall as a photographer.

In his entire family, there are 6 photography studios and that is the reason people call his skill as genetic. He firstly, worked as a freelancer, and then in March 2018, he joined the college. On 25th October 2018, he purchased his first-ever camera and started AJ Clicks.

He is even the world record holder, the only photographer in Chhattisgarh who worked for 24 hours and shot a show without even taking a break. He thanks and credits this to his college.

Till now since the AJ clicks have started, he has covered more than 12 weddings and many more to come.

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