Amisha Ambekar : RJ, Anchor, Event & Celebrity Manager, Actor Altogether

Amisha is such a bubbly and fun-loving personality. She is someone who doesn’t have a second face, she is the way she is on stage.

Amisha Ambekar was born & brought up in Bangalore. She did her graduation in BCA from Nagpur and post-graduation in MCA from Mumbai.

After her graduation, she started her job as a content writer in Radio and further as Rj for and now she is an Anchor, Event Manager, Celebrity Manager, Actor altogether.

She loves exploring things and believes in grabbing every opportunity she gets. She loves her work and she feels alive when she is on stage.

Amisha is working in the field of Anchoring for 12 years and till now she has done over 5000 events and other than that she has also done a Marathi film which was based on the social cause.

In each and every phase she has to prove herself and as every individual, she has her own life struggles and successfully passed that phase.

She has also done 2 documentary movies that were released in Bangalore & modeling projects for clients. Amisha has the potential of covering 4 events in a day.

Even this pandemic didn’t stop her from doing her work. The good thing about this pandemic she said as she got the time with her family.

During her first show,  it was a political event and it was an inaugural event. It went good and since then she started learning and improving and this is where she is right now.

She was also a university topper. She wanted to see the happiness on her parent’s faces and she is successfully achieving that. Each and every moment in her entire life is special for her.


Apart from her professional journey, she loves dancing, singing, doing creative things, and above all she loves traveling.

She has traveled to more than 30 countries and more to come. She wants to travel the world.
More power to you!

Happy birthday, mam!

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