Ankita Drolia Khemka : An Event Planner, owner of “Think May” since 2011

Born and brought up in Raipur, she did her graduation in Business Management and Post Graduation in Mass Media from ISBM, Pune.

She had an interest in mass media and production for a long time and wanted to see it working, and right now, she is in a related field.

ankitaAnkita owns an event planning company called Think May which she is running since 2011. She is also a mythological storyteller and holds summer camps for storytelling and has had a Youtube channel for that too for a year.

Her family is into mythology from the starting, and she is grown up listening to those stories. She says that she had no meal without her mom telling her a mythological story behind it.

As a family, they believe in mythology. When she got married, even her in-laws were very interested in hearing from her, and that led her to start her Youtube channel and summer camps
When she started event planning in Raipur, the city wasn’t ready for woman planners. People never took her seriously, especially vendors.

She needed vendors that are ready to try something new, and they were difficult to find. She mostly does family events like birthdays, weddings, etc. Till now she has done about 70 to 75 events in 7 years.

She was not good at studies, but have a very good grasp of the English and Hindi language, which made her win many prizes in her college days. Took part in Model United Nations in Delhi and had gone to Sri Lanka, Andaman, etc, for competitions.

A mother of a seven years old boy and loves to spend her time with him and her husband.

She calls them an ‘old school couple’ who like to sung Bollywood songs and play board and card games. She loves reading and watching movies.

Kathak Dancer and loves dancing to Bollywood songs as well.

ankita drolia

“Never try to make a person perfect. Let the person be what he/she is and never try to change them. No one is perfect. Perfect is boring and overrated.”- Ankita Drolia Khemka

Happy birthday to such an amazing lady.

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