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BAKELAIR – Lockdown hours have been an explorable journey, people testing their hands in various hidden talents and interests

BAKELAIR – Happiness is Homemade

Baking and Cooking are a necromancer’s spell on the hearts of millions!

These lockdown hours have been an explorable journey across the world with people testing their hands in various hidden talents and interests and some even finding their feet in one!

Our case has been no different.

A proclivity for cooking always bloomed in us since our childhood but these few months gave us a real opportunity and exposure to set up our own baking venture, BAKELAIR!

From giving a shot to everyday recipes to in-house food parties, we always found a reason to bake cakes. While we were channeling our inner Masterchefs this quarantine, we never thought we could reach a point where we would be printing bills for our customers!

Creatively designing our themes to attentively dress them, ours is one of its kind with a nexus of flavors and colors. The cherry on the top is our independent and self-reliant work where every nitty-gritty chore is also done by us and only us!

The first few things made by us were the donuts, tea cakes, dry cakes, and brownies. Now we are off making a variety of cakes, truffle cakes, cheesecakes, brookies, dredges, etc.


We specialize exclusively in eggless goodies and our lime pound cake is our best-seller and it has become our signature cake too, you wouldn’t get anything even close to that in the town.

We try to put a tremendous amount of hard work and passion back and forth to give our customers that ray of satisfaction that they deserve and it’s a cake that melts in your mouth, and clients usually come back for the same flavor!

Rakshabandhan’20 was our first festive season and the love showed by you all towards our hampers was incredible.

Thank you for all the love and support that you’ll have shown that keeps us motivated to try new and astounding recipes every day.

Our special thanks and regards to our wonderful parents for backing us in every step that we took and every goal that we achieved.

And someone said it right – Happiness is Homemade! And in our opinion, it comes to those who bake and we serve you that happiness with a syrup of smile on the cakes!

Come find yourself a special seat in our small and sweet world and for you, it might be too delicious to eat and adjust.





Yours Lovingly,

Nishita Jadwani

Bhavya Jadwani

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